Colour by Numbers was first inaugurated at Telefonplan October 23 2006, and continued until April 1 2007. The permanent installation was inaugurated January 14 2011. The work was also installed in the Perdigones Tower in Seville, Spain, in the Seville Biennial, from October 2 2008 to January 11 2009.


The tower at Telefonplan is 72 metres high and has 20 floors, of which the topmost ten are used in the light installation. The light installation is widely visible in south Stockholm; within a radius of approximately ten kilometres.


The project has attracted both Swedish and international media attention, for example in the Swedish National Television art program Arty, an interview in the Swedish National Radio P1 program Ting, four articles in the major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, three ditto in Svenska Dagbladet, articles in Aftonbladet, Creative Review, Metropolis Magazine, Dpi Magazine, Bettery Magazine, Paletten, in around a hundred blogs, and on CityTV Canada, Swedish TV8 and Swedish National Television's Kunskapskanalen. Colour by Numbers has featured in several literary works, such as Arne Dahl's bestselling crime novel Himmelsöga (2007) and Jenny Jägerfeld's prizewinning youth novel Här ligger jag och blöder (2010). Alexandra Borg writes about the light installation in her book Brottsplats: Stockholm. Urban kriminallitteratur 1851–2011 (2012). Also, Linda Ryan Bengtsson has included the project in her doctoral thesis Re-negociating social space (2012), and discusses it in a chapter of the book Mediesamhället. Centrala begrepp (2009).


Charlotte Bydler, Claiming Space (2006)
Linda Ryan Bengtsson, Colour by Numbers (2008)
Linda Ryan Bengtsson, The Construction of Interactivity in Public Space (2009)
Linda Ryan Bengtsson, Re-negociating social space (2012)


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Other participants:
Technical development: Bengt Sjölén and Brendan Howell

Translations: Johannes Nordholm
Assembly: Joel Jedström
Interactive voice response: Jakob Munck


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